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9 Powerful Plants

100% Organic

Full Detox

No Dieting

2 Cups a day

No Exercise

No Side Effects

See Results First 5 days




Iaso Detox Tea is 100% organic, caffeine-free herbal tea formulated to effectively and gently cleanse, detoxify, and restore balance to the whole body. It also works as a natural weight-loss tea that is much more effective than Chinese Green Tea; it can help you safely and rapidly shed excess pounds…many people lose 5 or more pounds in just the first 5 days (making it the perfect kick-start to any weight-loss plan)! For more than twenty years and based on research and clinical use, tens of thousands of people around the world have been able to regain control of their lives thanks to this unique herbal tea blend.


Iaso Detox Tea is rich in antioxidants, made from the highest quality herbs – tested and refined over time – and produces fast and effective results that no imitator has been able to copy. As part of a process of a nutritional cleansing, it provides the body with the nutrients it needs to get back in balance and restore itself to its natural, healthy state. Regular use of this remarkable herbal tea blend has been found to impart many health benefits, including achieving optimum health and ideal body weight as well as better digestion, increased energy, and improved concentration. Are you ready to lose weight, increase your energy, and regain the feeling of good health? With Iaso Detox Tea you can!


A Simple, Happier Way To A Healthier, Happier You!!

Are you experiencing toxic overload?

It is estimated that we are exposed to over 4000 different chemicals, toxins, and pollutants every single day.  These harmful by-products – along with processed foods, nutrient poor diet, some modern medicines, and a stressful, busy lifestyle – can take a toll on the body.


If you are experiencing several of these symptoms, it may be evidence that you have a buildup of toxins in your system.


  • • Feeling tired or having trouble sleeping

  • • Trouble concentrating or staying focused

  • • Feelings of depression or irritability

  • • Frequent mood changes

  • • Chronic headaches

  • • Recurrent joint or back pain

  • • Allergies and/or food sensitivities

  • • Skin problems like acne, psoriasis, eczema

  • • Unpleasant body odor or bad breath

  • • Frequent gas, bloating, or indigestion

  • • Constipation or irregular bowel movements

  • • Lowered tolerance to fatty food

  • • Loss of appetite

  • • Weight gain and trouble losing weight

  • • Frequent colds or sinus congestion

  • • Breast soreness








There are a wide range of reported of benefits from doing a cleanse and detox, including:

• Assistance in reaching and maintaining optimum weight
• Dramatic weight loss and reduction of the abdomen
• Improved digestion and bowel function
• Internal cleansing of liver, kidneys, colon, and blood cells
• Healthy levels of blood pressure and cholesterol
• Clearer, healthier, younger-looking skin
• More energy and better concentration
• Increased resistance to diseases
• Feeling energized and regaining optimum health
• And much more!

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Plus...All-Natural Weight Loss

By cleansing and detoxing, you can restore proper nutrient absorption, increase your metabolism and energy, and bolster your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


When your body is burdened with toxic overload and being robbed of essential nutrients, you can experience major health problems, including relentless weight gain and serious difficulty losing and maintaining weight loss?  All-too-often, this leads to a vicious cycle of persistent feelings of hunger, unrelenting cravings, poor food choices, and chronic overeating of high calorie, high fat but low nutritious foods and beverages…which, in turn, saps you of your energy and willpower to eat healthy and exercise.


What's more, excess weight around the abdomen or belly can be caused by impacted waste stuck to the inside wall of the colon and small intestine.  When this is the case, no amount of exercise or dieting can shrink the size of your abdomen.  Very few of us realize how much waste we are packing around with us in our intestines.  From time to time, is it a good idea to rid your body of this buildup of toxins with a natural colon cleanse. Not only will you feel better, you will look better too!

Nations #1 Detox Tea is here

The Iaso Tea is one of the hottest products to ever

hit the market.The secret behind this amazing

product is it's 100% Organic and it "REALLY" work.

No matter who you are or what age bracket you're

in everybody can use a cleanse & detox.If you are

feeling sluggish,decreased energy,sleepy during

the day,migrane headaches or not having regular

bowel movements thats a clear indicator that

your body is in deep need of a cleanse.Ignoring the

signs and not doing a cleanse can lead to all type

of health issues down the line such as diabetes,

high blood pressure,liver disease,colon cancer,

migrane headaches,constipation and even heart

attacks.Once you begin to cleanse & detox your 

body you will begin to notice a difference in the 

way you look and feel.You will notice a difference

in your skin,hair and energy.Once you begin to cleanse and detox your body you will notice the 

weight come off effortlessly.This tea is the hottest

product on the market not only because of the tea

many health benefits but because its helping many

people lose weight who haven't been able to lose

weight before.The tea is so organic its safe for

kids to drink.We are proud to offer a product that's

gonna have such a big impact on so many people's

lives at a very affordable price anybody can afford.

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How to make Iaso Tea

For best results drink hot, warm the tea up in a pot 

on the stove. Never microwave or boil the tea.

Although the recommended daily amount is 2 cups

 you can drink more if needed up to 4 cups daily..



Cleanse & Purify The Body


The process of nutritional cleansing  removes environmental impurities and replenishes your body with the optimum balance of nutrients…thereby giving the body the fuel it needs to naturally return to optimum and maximum health, allowing you to achieve your ultimate health and lifestyle goals.


Cleansing and detoxification are integral parts of restoring balance to the body and keeping it operating optimally. Our body's natural detoxification systems (largely the digestive system, liver and kidneys) are constantly working to cleanse our bodies.  But problems can occur due to system or organ failure or simply toxic overload.


Body cleansing is the process of ridding the body of the unwanted or unhealthy toxins that accumulate within us.  It is a natural remedy for rejuvenating the body.  Although the cleansing or detox process can be done in several different ways, ideal methods are all-natural and do not add to the body's toxic burden.  A natural cleanse or detox with safe, medicinal herbs can help your body get back in balance by cleansing out toxins, impurities, and other unwanted rubbish that has accumulated over time.  Once restored to its natural, healthy state, your body will naturally continue to flush out toxins daily.  Herbal cleansing and detoxification have long been used as natural, effective ways to restore balance to the body, achieve and maintain optimal health, and prevent disease.

What's are the ingredients in the Iaso Tea?

Iaso Tea ingredients are a special blend of safe, natural, edible herbs: Holy Thistle, Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Marsh Mallow leaves, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Ginger, Chamomile, and Myrrh.

It is the special blend allows the gentle cleansing of the whole body with continued use. All the enzymes that used to be in our food to give us colon health have been destroyed with modern processing of foods and pasteurization of dairy products. Now we can get back to enjoying perfect colon health! 

Total Life Changes has been working on this safe and effective colon-cleansing Iaso Tea product for 20 years, perfecting it for consumption by persons of every age and weight.


Persimmon Leaves


For decades, medical researchers and homeopathic practitioners have known that he compounds in Persimmon Leaves help remove excess fat from the body. The Persimmon leaf flavonoids and tannins that are released when the Iaso Detox Tea is "steeped" in hot water also combat hypertension! Persimmon Leaves are also known for aiding digestion and reducing the effects of allergies. Another important "side effect" is that because they have anti-mutagenic properties they are also an anti-carcinogenic.


Holy Thistle


For over 2000 years, Holy Thistle has been used to improve circulation and detox the organs. Silymarin, the active ingredient in Holy Thistle, is a known antioxidant and is often used as a natural cure for chronic headaches and allergies. Its amazing properties also strengthen the heart. Holy Thistle is one of the powerhouses that make up the perfect blend.


Malva Leaves


Malva (Chinese Mallow) soothes the membranes of the digestive and respiratory systems. It is a main ingredient in many formulas developed to treat gastroenteritis and irritable bowel syndrome as well as bronchitis and emphysema. The tea does so much more than just help you lose weight…it helps you live a healthier life!


Marsh Mallow


Used by the ancient Greeks to remedy bleeding and bruising, Marsh Mallow is also a mild laxative. The tea uses this immune building herb in its formulation to also provide you with a healthy source of calcium, Vitamin B, iron, sodium, iodine, zinc and pantothenic acid.


Blessed Thistle


As early as the 16th century, Blessed Thistle has been used in traditional medicine as a digestive aid. Today we also know that the properties found in the natural herb improve memory, fight infection, reduce inflammation and help remedy jaundice and other liver disorders.




Papaya is one of my personal favorites. Papaya is just one of the ingredients in the tea that is rich in B vitamins, magnesium, antioxidants, and fiber…but it is the one whose flavor I adore! Papaya contains high levels of papain, a great digestive enzyme. As the saying goes, you are what you eat…and more importantly, what you digest! Papaya promotes cardiovascular health and studies have shown that it provides protection against colon cancer too. There are also studies that show it aids in the prevention of recurrent ear infections.




For centuries, Chinese Medicine has recommended ginger to treat a number of health problems, such as arthritis and gastrointestinal problems. Ginger is also used to ease sore throats, headaches and ulcerative colitis. When infused ithetea it not only promotes health in the body, but it tastes great too!




Chamomile is natural anti-inflammatory and is used to treat a variety of gastrointestinal problems. It's calming, muscle-relaxing and mildly sedating qualities help those who suffer from insomnia. I find I sleep deeper and awaken refreshed when I enjoy a cup of tea before bedtime.




Because of its anti-inflammatory and infection fighting properties, Myrrh is found in mouth washes and sore throat medicines around the world. It has been used for centuries to increase cardio-vascular health and promote cleansing of the blood. Its unique flavor also.

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