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Finally a home based business thats allowing average people across the world to win!!!

More people are working from home and more and more 

mothers are making the decision to step away from

the work environment to pursue a home based business.

There are many advantages in working from home for 

mothers and even fathers.Even if leaving your current job

is not an option a home based business still could be a very

valuable option for you.The benefit of starting a home 

based business and working from home far outweighs the

option to not start one.The extra income you could earn working from home could

help pay daycare fees,car notes,cell phone bills,and even more.Starting up a home based

business usually takes little money to start but can be very lucrative for your family.

How much money can I make?

When joining a home based business one of the first things

people want to know is how much money can they make.Well

that solely depends on how serious you take your business

and the amount of time you put into it.Nobody can give you 

an exact number because nobody knows what kind

of effort you are going to put in your business.

It also depends on the business comp plan on

how much you could earn.First you want to

find a company with a product or service thats

in high demand.Our company has products that

are in high demand and addresses a big problem

in America which is weight loss and health.Our 

products sell themselves you simply have to just

let people know you have them.What's unique about 

our company is even if you never worked from home

before, chances are you will have no problem earning

money quickly in our company.

The perfect business for stay home moms

When it comes to working from home nobody benefits

from it more than mothers.  Mothers are the ones that

are usually responsible for taking care of the kids and

keeping the house clean and tidy.  Often time mothers

who have to stay at home to take care of their kids

still need to find ways to earn extra income.  Thats why

in recent years so many have turned to starting up a

Home Based Business.  There are many benefits  

for mothers who are looking to start a home based business.Below are a few of them..


for mothers who are considering starting a home based business, below are a few.

Benefits For Mothers:

Making money without having to leave the home


Save on expensive day care fees

Spend more time with your kids 

Be able to attend school programs at your kids school

Save big bucks on gas

Get huge tax breaks 

Create residual income

No limits on the income you can earn

Less miles and wear & tear on your vehicle

Be your own boss nobody giving you orders

Why should I join this company what's so special about it?

Ok im ready to join,what do I do next?

Step 1: Click play and watch video below (Very Important)

Step 2: After watching the video click the yellow button below video

Step 3: Once you click the yellow button you will be taken to the website

then click the Join Now button.The more product you can buy right now

the better your chances are of jumpstarting your business.We also have

trainings weekly,conference calls daily and opportunity webinars several 

times a week to help you grow your business.If the website ask for a 

rep I.D. to continue then write down our rep I.D. which is 5491511

Step 4: We will plug you into the the Facebook groups so you can meet 

and connect with other reps.We also have several training websites.We

are excited to have you aboard our team and look forward to helping you

achieve success.Feel free to contact us right away,our contact info is 

listed at the bottom of the website...

Rep I.D. number : 5491511

Write down rep I.D. number below you will need it when signing up

 TLC All White Party in Atlanta

Steven & Lanacia Rachel $30,000 Check

Javon & Candace David $100,000

Darryl Drake 26 years old $250,000

Nicole Cooper $30,000

Tamme Moorehead $20,000

Reginald Stinson $50,000 in just 4 short months

Total Life Changes is restoring families lives and giving average people a winning chance to have a career working from home.Our company is founded on great products that actually work so it makes it easy for our reps to get passionate about the products because they actually work..Our comp plan is very lucrative and simple and that's why we have so many people who have never had success in the home based business industry before find themselves earning big money in a short period of time.Below you will see a few pictures from our recent company event in Atlanta on July 17th & 18th where we had hundreds of reps walk across stage and get rewarded for all their hard work and belief in the company.Our next company event will be in Miami,Florida on February 19th & 20th and we want you to be apart of it and experience the fun that we have.We know if you give our company a few short months of focus and hard work you will be walking across the stage next collecting your achievment check.

Rememeber all these people below only been with the company less than a year some only 3 or 4 months

Are you ready for a Total Life Change?

Your family deserves more and now is the time to make all your dreams come true

Robert & Dana Newson $100,000

Gregg & Lenika Scott journey has been incredible.At one point they were on food stamps and had to rebuild their careers.They have only been with this company for a year & a half and already have earned over $1,000,000.00 and paid for their dream home cash.

William & Denise Lee $1,000,000.00 

6 Figure Earners in 6 months 

Only been in the company over a year

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Rhonda Griffin

Contact:  562.548.1088

Rep ID.  5491511