Iaso Techui (Pure Spirulina)

IASO Techui - Is an all Natural Protein non meat plant based. It is a Sea Plant that works as a super food. IASO Techui has more protein than steak or soy beans. The vitamins inside of IASO Techui like the B Vitamins are incredible. Imagine not eating actual meat but having the right protein that meat would provide in your body. In fact IASO Techui is more of a super food than what the astronauts eat when they travel in space. If you were taking 3 Capsules a day and a glass of water daily you can survive over 30 days with no food and you will be very healthy. IASO Techui can also be used as meal replacements where proteins are needed. In fact IASO Techui has more protein than steak or soy beans. The vitamins inside of IASO Techui like the B Vitamins are incredible. Imagine not eating actual meat but having the right protein that meat would provide in your body.




IASO Techui is literally equal to about a pound of meat and aids in muscle definition growth. For example by adding 4 Capsules of IASO Techui, drinking water and increasing exercise daily will help with muscle definition growth. IASO Techui can be used as a booster for many health concerns such as Cancer, Eye Health and Weaking conditions such as being bed ridden. The protein in IASO Techui will help the body where needed in getting the body moving and it is also beneficial to neutralize and nourish what’s going on in your body.

Iaso Chaga (Pure 100% Extract)

Siberian Chaga extract is one of the most powerful yet gentle health supplements known to man.  It is 100% non-toxic, and can be taken safely at ANY age.  It's benefits are beyond the scope of anything we have ever seen and needs to be experienced in order to be truly understood.  Chaga has long been used in folk medicine due to it's antibacterial, anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties.  Many recent studies great results in Chaga's ability to fight off cancerous cells. These aspects are well known in Russia, China, and Japan, but in Western "medicine", knowledge of Chaga and other medicinal mushrooms is not only nearly non-existent, it's basically shunned by pharmaceutical company led medical "Practitioners".  Total Life Changes is the first Network Marketing Company to distribute this powerful medicinal mushroom! Rave reviews and impactful testimonials from clients have us all on the edge of our seats.  The Chaga Train is running full-steam ahead and we're not looking back. 

Siberian Chaga is documented for successfully treating cancers of the stomach, lungs, breasts and cervix. Two studies in 1996 found it to have an inhibitory effect on both influenza and HIV. It stimulates the body’s natural immune functions (something that was first confirmed in 2002 and then again in 2005); which may also help explain the historical use of Siberian Chaga extract as an anti-inflammatory.

While the U.S. government restricts medical claims, here is what can be said: Chaga Extract has been used as an essential whole food supplement for many years by Russia’s long-lived peasants, as well as long-lived villagers of Japan and Korea. Now you too can experience the health benefits of wild Siberian Chaga, the plant responsible for the exceptional health and life expectancy of the Siberians ranging from 85-100 years.

Studies reveal that only 10-20% of the nutrients in pills or tablets are absorbed into the body compared to 98% of our liquid formula. That means, if you are taking a vitamin pill containing 120mg of Vitamin C, the most your body will absorb is 24mg, which is below the recommended daily allowance. Your vitamin pill could be leaving you lacking necessary nutrients your body needs.


Because Iaso Nutraburst is a liquid, a full 98% of its contents are absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

This whole food, liquid formula concentrate is packed with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals in just a single tablespoon. Nutrients are most useful when they’re completely absorbed into your bloodstream. Today more than ever, we need whole food nutrients to keep up with our busy lifestyles. So, put back the pills and absorb up to 88% more nutrients with Iaso Nutraburst. Your health comes first with Nutraburst.

The Revolutionary NutraBurst Formula contains:



  • A full spectrum of vitamins

  • 72 Minerals

  • 12 Herbs

  • 19 Amino Acids

  • 13 Whole Food Greens

  • 22 Fruits & Vegetables Phytonutrients

Plus…many  powerful multi-fibers


The Benefits of Iaso NutraBurst











Turn On The Energy!!!



Are you looking for the best fat burner for women? Look no further. We are promoting the most effective fat burner for women known as Iaso NRG. Our company has been in the fore front in the manufacture of natural health supplements that work. Iaso NRG weight loss and energy supplement is the latest addition to the wide range of products manufactured by Total Life Changes. Iaso NRG is a potent energy and fat burner that you can use on a daily basis to burn your fats without any feeling of jittery.

Iaso NRG works by increasing your body metabolic rate to burn more fats. This product also works by suppressing your appetite, so you will eat less without feeling hungry. This product will also help you focus better, stay alert and have improved concentration. We say that Iaso NRG is best fat burner for women, because this product is designed with proven ingredients like leucine, green tea extracts, CLA, thyroid stimulators and thermogenic ingredients. These ingredients are superbly designed to prevent your body from storing fats and calories from foods that you consume.

Our product is formulated to offer multiple benefits that include mental stimulation and focus, metabolic and thermogenesis stimulation, increased energy output, enhanced fat mobilization, appetite suppression and fat storage negation

Iaso NRG is the only fat burner for women in the market today without side effects. But still, this doesn’t mean there are no precautions to take.  You have to follow dosage requirements keenly. Always observe general common sense by not exceeding the recommended dosage and observing signs of tolerance. There are few potentially potent stimulants in this formula. The amount of caffeine in this formula does not bring the feelings of anxiety or jittery.

Any formula that contains a list of natural ingredients, always tastes great without causing any harmful side effects is worth your money. Iaso NRG fat burner for women falls under this category. If you are in the market looking for the best fat burner for women, Iaso NRG is the perfect product for you. I doubt you won’t be disappointed with this weight loss supplement. What’s more, being able to try out our fat burner pills for women means you aren’t going to be wooed into buying a supply of products that you aren’t sure of.

Benefits of Iaso NRG

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What is Iaso Techui?

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A brand new game changer in weight loss was released in February 2015 from Total Life Changes. TLC’s exclusive proprietary blend is called Resolution. It flushes fats & toxins from the system and keeps your food cravings away all day.

Unlike the cycles of HCG drops, which recommend little to no cardiovascular exercise or weight lifting, Resolution drops and a two-stage program allows for regular cardio workouts and weight training that will not interfere with your weight loss results.

If you’re looking to lose up to 35 pounds quickly and safely, with little to no change in your daily routine, look to make it happen with TLC’s Resolution drops.  When used together with our moniker 1200-Calorie Diet, Resolution supports speedy weight loss, including stubborn belly fat, and reduces the odds of returning weight gain.

The two stages of our program are derived from current studies and research conducted within diet plans when using an intense weight loss supplement. The recommended daily 1200-Calorie Diet Plan allows for a (200) calorie breakfast, (400) calorie lunch & dinner and two (100) calorie snacks throughout the day.

Resolution will be “the” weight loss product of 2015 both in the United States and abroad. A flexible diet and the ability to maintain your regular exercise routine/start a new one, makes Resolution a perfect choice for drastic weight loss in just 23 days.

Resolution is derived from certified-grade raw materials (the very purest materials available), processed according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and made in the U.S.A.

Take the craves away and safely lose that stubborn unwanted belly fat in less than 30 days. TLC has the solution. In 2015, everyone will want Resolution.

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Total Life Changes Resolution

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